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Client Consent

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Collecting & Holding Information



Any information obtained by Rosemont Psychology during your time with us, will remain confidential and secure. This confidentiality is not absolute however, as exceptions will be given where:

  1. Information is subpoenaed by a court of law, or other legal authority.

  2. At times where there is sufficient reason to believe that you are at risk of placing yourself or another person at serious and imminent risk.

  3. Your have given prior consent for information to be shared with a trusted third party such as: GP, Lawyer, Employment Personnel, Family. 

Client sessions may sometimes be recorded for therapeutic purposes, however, never without prior consent. These recordings are never disclosed or shared for any reason. 


Structure of Therapy

Typically clients will attend sessions on a fortnightly basis, unless otherwise needed. Upon your initial consultation, a general overview of what you can expect will be discussed. Your goals and outcomes will be highlighted in a comprehensive treatment plan, which will be used as a general foundation for our time together. 



A number of rebates are offered through Rosemont Psychology. 

Medicare, Private Health Insurance, and Third Party rebates are all covered to qualifying clients. 

These can be discussed in person on your initial consultation.


Cancellation Policy

All clients at Rosemont Psychology are required to fill out a detailed client information form. This form collects personal information, medical history, former psychological services, legal status, and information pertaining to your payment methods. All information will remain on site and will be kept confidential from any third parties, unless prior consent is given by yourself. Forms are updated when necessary. If clients are found to be untruthful or unlawful on their form, appropriate action will be taken to protect yourself, staff and other clients. 

In order to provide the best possible service to all clients, a $50 cancellation fee will apply to any that cancel a booked session within 24hr of their scheduled appointment.  

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