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About Me

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Professional Me

I started my journey in psychology over 20yrs ago. Having completed a Human Resources and Industrial Relations degree, I felt that I wanted to do more in my life than be in meetings all day. I decided to be a missionary and work with people in a very real and practical way. After this experience I went back to University in New Zealand (where I happened to be living at the time) and completed my undergraduate degrees in both Psychology and Education. I moved back to my hometown of Sydney, and continued my education by obtaining a post-graduate degree in Counselling, as well as a post-graduate degree in Psychology. I furthered my qualifications by obtaining my Masters Degree in Psychology, focusing both on Education &  Developmental, as well as Clinical studies. I am also a Board Certified Psychology Supervisor.  My work experience covers a diverse field, having completed my clinical experience  in Government agencies, hospitals , private practices and school settings. After working part-time so I could raise our four children and spend time with my family,  I am now the proud owner and principal psychologist of Rosemont Psychology - located in my hometown of Wollongong, Australia. 

Personal Me

The greatest achievement and happiness in my life is my crazy tribe. A husband that teaches me things about myself everyday and is just a wonderful human being. Together we are raising our amazing, fun, happy and somewhat well adjusted kids, who keep us entertained on a regular basis. This tribe keeps it real for me and is one of my greatest assets in empathising with the majority of my clients.

I am passionate about travel, exploring cultures and connecting with people from all walks of life. I love to read and keep myself updated on current events, both globally and within my craft as a psychologist. I love presenting workshops and often find myself at women's events sharing insight into my experiences over the past 15yrs. I don't subscribe to a clinical, cold approach to therapy. I like to keep my professional space simple, comfortable and relaxed for all those I engage with. 

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